How can start Earn money from internet in 5 minutes



Earn money from internet understand how to earn in just 3 STEPS 

Best Way to Make Money Online: This work can be done along with the job. At the same time, you can also make it your profession full time. To earn more, more time will have to be given in this.

Best Way to Make Money Online: Internet is not only a source of information but also a source of earning. There are many such works, where you can start earning (How to earn money online) only with the help of internet. Most people look for ways to earn online, in such a situation you have a good chance of earning through internet.

Build a Blog

This way to earn money online is to write a blog. On the blog, you can write your thoughts, poetry, jokes, review of anything, film review, tips, general knowledge or anything else that interests you. Let me tell you that once people start reading your blog, then your earning will start.

Now you must be thinking that how will you earn this money. Before knowing this, it is important to know that first understand how to create a blog. Let us tell you how you can start blogging with 3 steps in just 5 minutes-

Step 1

To create your blog with Google’s Blogger, you must have an e-mail ID of Google Mail. If you have a Gmail ID, then it will take you less than 5 minutes to create a blog. For this, type in the address bar. After entering, a window will open in front of you, in which you will have to login with your Google Mail ID. As soon as you login, a window will open in front of you, in which you will see the option of new blog.


As soon as you click on the new blog, a pop up window will open in front of you, in which you will have to enter the name of your blog and the blog address you want. Here, with the option of check availability, you can also easily know whether the address entered by you is available or not. If someone else has already taken that address from you, then you will have to enter another address. After this, in the same window, choose one of the templates given below and click on the create blog option.


As soon as you click on Create Blog, a window will open in front of you, in which the name of your blog will be visible. As soon as you click on it, your blog will open in front of you. Let us tell you that this window can be opened only by those who have your ID and password. From this window you can manage your blog. Through this, you can not only update the blog, but also change its design. To view your blog, you have to type the address in the address bar through which you registered your blog in Step-2. If your mail is open then the blog opens automatically as soon as you go to

This is how earning from blog is done

 For earning from blog (How to earn money with Blogging) in this window, you can register yourself for Google Adsense by clicking on Earnings in the menu on the left side. Google Adsense is the best way to earn money online offered by the search engine giant Google. For this you have to register for Google Adsense with Google account.

Let us tell you that to get approval from Google Adsense, it is necessary to have proper traffic on your blog. Also, the content quality of your blog is also checked by Google before giving approval for Google Adsense. If the content of your blog is porn, then you will not get its approval, also your blog can be banned by Google.

Ad revenue

 If your blog becomes popular among people, then you can promote the product of a company on your blog, for which you will get money from the company. However, for this, an agreement has to be made with the company first, only then you will be given money to promote their product. Apart from this, any other website can also be advertised on your blog, for which your money is given by that website.

Affiliate program

In today’s time, e-commerce is growing very fast. In this boom of e-commerce, you also have the opportunity to earn (Best chance to earn money online). Most e-commerce companies offer affiliation programs. In this you have to register with that company and then you have to put the link of the company on your blog. Whenever a visitor buys the product of that company through your website, then for this you are given a commission on behalf of the company.

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