How to Buy A Domain in 2023

The first step before creating your own website or blog is to choose the name of the blog or website and buy a domain name of the same name for it, so in this post we are going to know about the tips and tricks of choosing a good domain name for a blog or website. How to buy a domain, then let’s know how to buy a domain – 

How to Buy a Domain?

So as we already told that Domain Name is the identity of your blog or website, there should never be a hurry in buying a domain name, you should buy Domain Name very thoughtfully, if you do not understand any domain name, then you can consult a professional. Apart from this, many websites also provide Domain Name Suggestion Tools, with the help of which you can select a good domain name, some good Domain Name Suggestion Tools are –

Name Mesh
BigRock Domain Name Suggestion Tool
Lean Domain Search


So let’s know what are the tips with the help of which you can select a good domain name

The domain name system was invented so that people remember the name of your website well and remember your website at once, but many people are such that in keeping the domain name, they keep such a name which Can not be remembered easily, so the first condition is that while selecting the domain name, you should choose a name that people can easily remember, whose spelling is simple.

In the domain name, people often select their name, the name of their company or any such long name which is of four to five words, but users have a lot of difficulty in remembering such long names, while selecting the domain name, only two or Select a three-word domain name, if you get a one-word domain name, then it is icing on the cake because such names are remembered very quickly. You must have seen that the domain names of big companies are of only one or two words. There are such as, and, there is no difficulty in remembering them.

Select the name similar to the content of your website, the name should be such that people remember it at once, people should not forget it, if you can select such a name, then it is suitable for your blog and website. would be great

Do not make this mistake in keeping a unique name, should you keep such a name that people do not know the meaning of the domain you want to select, whether the meaning should be complete or not, it should have some meaning from all people. will be able to connect to

While selecting the domain name, take special care of the spelling also, because the meaning of the meaning in English becomes very quickly, so whatever domain name you select, check whether its spelling is correct or not.

Now let’s talk about the real issue, from where to buy and how to buy the best domain name, you can buy domain name from any domain name service provider website, it is not that only Godaddy or Bigrock can sell you domain name, you can buy it from any domain name service provider website. You can buy your favorite domain name by visiting the website and if you have bought a domain name from a website, then no one in the world can buy a domain name from that name, all of them have the same database, which is the domain name once Once registered, no one can buy it again, so for this you do not have to worry about which website you are buying the domain name from.

Where to buy domain?

Although there are many websites for domain names, but here I am telling the names of four such websites which are very popular and reliable, from where you can buy hosting service along with domain name.

How to buy domain?

Most of the websites have the same process, here I am telling you to buy Domain from –

So first of all go to, here you will get Search Box to search Domain Name, you type your domain here and click on Search button, we have searched here for has already been bought but here, other options are available, if you want to buy or any of these domain names then click on Buy button Otherwise search for another domain name

When you click on the Buy button, the CHECKOUT button will be highlighted in My Cart, click on i

When you click on the CHECKOUT button, Web design tools will be offered by BigRock, leave them and click on Continue to Checkout

This is your order summary, here you have to decide whether you want to take the domain for one year or for more time, there is an option of up to 10 years, as well as the longer the time you buy the domain, the lower the price. It becomes like 349 for one year and 299 per year for 10 years. Apart from this, if you have any Coupon Code of BigRock, then you can get even more discount by entering it, after that you have to click on Next.

If you are new to BigRock, then you can create an account by clicking on Continue here, but if you already have an account, then sign in by entering Username and Password.

Here you have to select your Payment Method, whatever you find convenient, select it, here you will see another option below Renew Automatically, this is because if you do not remember to renew the domain on time, then it is automatically in your account. Will deduct money from and automatically renew the domain.

After this, you have to click on the Pay button, then the payment method you have selected makes the payment.

Congratulations 💥 You have bought a domain.

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