How to Earn Money by Chatting

(Earn Money by Chatting) Hello friends, welcome to all of you in a new article, if you want to know that Chat karke paise kaise kamaye? So this article is going to be very important for all of you. In this article, we will tell you how you can earn Money with chatting.

In today’s time, Internet has provided many ways for people, by which they can increase their income. At the same time, people also like the way of earning money by chatting online. Most people spend their time chatting online, but if you want to increase your income, then you can increase your income by chatting.

How to earn money by chatting?
There are many ways to earn money by chatting. Some people work in chat centers where they take care of chat support or their services for various companies and they get paid for that. Apart from this, there are also some money making apps and websites which pay you for chatting.

There are some ways to earn money through Online Chatting, with the help of which you can increase your income. Given below are some of the ways which can help you to earn money:-

1: Earn money by chatting with Whatsapp

There can be many ways to earn money by chatting on WhatsApp. Here we will tell some such ways which can help you to earn money through WhatsApp:-

Offer your products or services:- If you have any products or services then you can sell them through your WhatsApp number. You can also promote your products in front of them by chatting them with your WhatsApp Status or WhatsApp Contacts. In this way, you can tell people about your product or services and help sell your product or services.

Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate Marketing is a type of Digital Marketing in which you have to promote for the products of another person or company. You can share your Affiliate Link by Chatting with your WhatsApp Status or WhatsApp Contact and you get some commission whenever someone buys the product through your shared link.

Live Sales:- You can also do Live Sales through WhatsApp. In this, you can tell about your product or services through Live Video and sell them. You can also share photos of your products and with this you can tell people about your products and sell them.

2: Earn money by chatting with Sugo app

To earn money by chatting with Sugo app, you must first download the app and then create your account in it.

Once you sign up on your account, you can chat with other users and earn money.

Following are some useful tips to earn money on Sugo App:-

Truthfulness and Honesty:- Users of Sugo App need to chat truthfully and honestly. When you will be honest about your chatting then people will want to chat with you more and your earning will increase.

Ratings and Reviews:- Your Ratings and Reviews are very important for your success. People who chat with you should have good experience with you, so that they choose you to chat more.

Information about you: – You can chat with people who want information about you. When you help them they will want to chat with you more and your earning will increase.

Time Control:- If you want to earn money using Sugo App, then you have to control your time. You should set specific time for Sugo app and in that time you should chat more.

Be ready to answer:- You should be ready to answer. The sooner you reply, the more people will select you and join you for more chats.

3: Earn money from operator-chat
Earning money from operator-chat can be a reasonable way, but for this you have to behave on the basis of your skills and experience. For this follow the following steps:-

Find the operator-chat platform that best suits you. It depends on the basis of your skill, you can choose such platform which is right for you.
You need to register on the operator-chat platform so that you can work as a chat operator.
You have to act according to the Chat service. In this you have to be ready to answer and serve the customers.
You will get paid for your work. It depends on your capabilities and quality of work.
You can earn more money through more advanced chat services. It depends on your experience and skills.

4: Earn money by doing Chat work in Chat Center
Earning money by chatting in chat center is an advanced work. Chat center is a place where you have to chat with the customer service of different companies. These companies usually provide customer service through e-mail, phone and chat. Chat center is a place where people find solutions to customer problems through online chat.

To work in the chat center the following steps have to be followed:-
Choose a chat center:- You have to choose a chat center according to your capabilities and features. Some popular chat centers are Convergys, Sutherland Global Services,

Teleperformance, Sitel and Sykes are very popular.

Online Registration:- After online registration, you will be required to enter your information, capabilities and experience.
Training: – Chat center companies usually give training to new employees for two weeks to a month.
Be ready to provide customer service:- When you complete the training, you will be ready to provide service to the customers of the chat center. This may include giving some input, solving problems and answering customer questions.

Good language and personal approach:- Good language and personal approach are very important for working in a chat center. You must interact well with the customers and be able to solve their problems.

Target time and quality of work:- While working in a chat center, you must keep in mind your target time and quality of work. You must complete your target before time and be active so that you can provide service to your customers.

Payment:- You are provided with different payments for working in the chat center.
In this way, you can earn a lot of money by doing a job in a chat center and solving people’s problems through chat.

5: Earn money by chatting with WOWAPP app

WOWApp is a social networking app that provides a platform for people to make online contacts, messaging and video calling. Apart from this, WOWApp also provides income to the users. You can also earn money by chatting through this app.

For this follow the following steps:-
Install the WOWApp app on your smartphone or computer. After creating your account, you have to create your profile.

Chatting:- To chat through WOWApp, you need to add your contacts to the App. After this, you can interact with your contacts through Chatting.

Write Review:- In WOWApp you can write review about various products and services. If your reviews are successful, then you can get income from it.

Complete Tasks:- Different types of Tasks are available for the people in WOWApp which you have to complete, after completing which you are given some money.

6: Earn money by chatting in chat recruitment

Chat Recruitment is an Online Chatting Service, which gives you an opportunity to earn from home. In this you have to work as a chat officer and chatting with people through websites or apps. Here one has to answer their questions or help them.

There are some websites and apps in chat recruitment that hire chat executives and pay them for their services. These websites and apps offer different types of payment, such as hourly pay, pay per message, and others.

So, to earn money in chat recruitment you can follow the following steps:-

Search Chat Recruitment Companies:- You should choose the companies which offer the highest pay for you. You can also search for online jobs depending on the rate of pay, monthly contribution, and other traditional benefits.

Apply for Chatting:- Apply on Chat Recruitment Companies Websites or Apps. This will give you an opportunity to work as a chat executive.

Set Time Duration:- You should do Chatting for fixed time duration so that you can earn more money than Chatting more in a normal day.

Be Proactive:- You must be proactive so that people can get answers to their queries immediately. When you are active, you get better service and get paid more.

Provide high quality service:- You must provide high quality service to answer people’s queries. This increases the number of people on your Websites or App and you get paid more.

7: Earn money by chatting in FriendPC
FriendPC is an online chat service that gives people a chance to earn money through online chatting. By using this service, you can earn money while chatting through your computer, laptop or smartphone.

After applying for FriendPC, you have to be available for online chatting as per your time. You have to dialogue with people through Chatting and answer their questions. Your earning will be determined on the basis of your dialogue.

When chatting on FriendPC, there are a few things to keep in mind. This service has some rules and instructions that you have to follow. Also, you will need to have patience and patience as there is no need to rush and you need to answer the questions of the users correctly.

There is another way to earn money by Chatting in FriendPC.

helping other people. If you have knowledge in a particular subject, you can also earn money through answering other people’s questions.

In FriendPC you also get a Forum to answer people’s questions. You can help them by answering their questions based on your knowledge and experience. You earn when the answer given by you is viewed by the person.
You can also refer your friends about this service to increase your earning on FriendPC. When friends referred by you apply and chat on FriendPC, you earn a certain percentage.

By using all these methods, you can easily earn Money.


Is it right to earn money by online chatting?

Yes, it is right to earn money by online chatting. There are some Apps and Websites that give people a chance to earn money through online chatting.

Does it require perfect English speaking?

No, it is not absolutely necessary to speak English. There may be some websites where there is a need to speak English, but there are many such apps and websites which give you the opportunity to chat in Hindi language.

Can you earn more money by chatting?

Yes, apart from chatting, you can also do other work like offline or online marketing, data entry, text writing, translation etc. from which you can earn more money.

Which Apps or Websites give you a chance to earn money by chatting?

There are some Apps and Websites that give an opportunity to earn money, such as sales or marketing apps through Video Call or Chat, such as WowApp, Phrendly, and Flirtbucks.

Do all these Apps and Websites give real money to people?

Yes, all these Apps and Websites give real money to the people, but you should be cautious and take care of some important things.

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