How to Earn Passive Income from whatsapp in 2023

There is no need to tell about WhatsApp, many of you spend many hours a day chatting on WhatsApp, but if you work a little hard, you can use WhatsApp at home. You can earn money, let’s know how to earn money from WhatsApp – How to Make Money with WhatsApp –

To earn money from WhatsApp, you need to have many groups and contacts. You will be able to earn money from WhatsApp. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money from WhatsApp. E-commerce companies can add new customers. 


And to promote, it takes the help of Affiliate Marketing, only common users are used for Affiliate Marketing and some commission is given to the users in the benefits, so that the users who promote Also earns some money Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online

For this choose any Affiliate Programs, you can select from the list given below.

Best Affiliate Programs –

 flipkart affiliate program
amazon affiliate program
snapdeal affiliate program
ebay affiliate program

When you join any of these Affiliate Programs, you will be given an Affiliate Link here, which you share in the Whatsapp Group, whoever buys anything from these sites by clicking on this Affiliate Link, then on every purchase You will be given commission, which will be sent directly to your bank account, different commission rates and terms of each site must be checked once.

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