Names of fruits in sanskrit

Here in this article we names of fruits in sanskrit Will see in detail. Almost everyone knows the names of fruits in Hindi and English, but if you names of fruits in sanskrit If asked, you can hardly tell the name of any fruit in Sanskrit. This is because since childhood we are taught the names of fruits in English and Hindi in schools, and that is why everyone knows the names of fruits in Hindi and English, but not in Sanskrit.

But if you read this article till the end, you will come across many follower name in sanskrit Will know Because the names of more than 50 fruits have been shared in Sanskrit in this article. So if you are one of those people who are interested in Sanskrit language and who like to learn new Sanskrit words. So this article is for you only, shared in this article falon ke naam in sanskrit You can improve your Sanskrit vocabulary by reading this.

Let me tell you that this article is very useful for those students, who are students of small class and in whose school Sanskrit is taught. Because students of small class classes are sometimes removed from their school. 10 fruits name in sanskrit or 20 fruits name in sanskrit It is given to bring in writing. In such a situation, if you are also among those students, whose school has given this type of homework. So you can complete your homework very easily with the help of the name of fruits in Sanskrit given in this article. so if you fallon name in sanskrit If you want to know in detail, then for that you must read this article till the end.

50 Fruit Names in Sanskrit (Fruit Name In Sanskrit And Hindi)

(1). आम (Mango)

(2). Banana

(3). Angoor (Grape)

(4). orange (orange)

(5). Papaya (Papaya) – honeydew

(6). apple (apple)

(7). Watermelon — Kaligam

(8). अनानास (Pineapple)

(9). Pomegranate — ददिमः

(10). Jackfruit — Panasam

(11). Strawberry — Trina-badram

(12). Lemon — Jambiram, Nimbukam

(13). अमरूद (Guava) — Agralam, Beejapooram, Amrutphalam

(14). Amla (Amla)

(15). खुबानी (Apricot)

(16). Sitaphal/Sharifa (Atemoya) — सीताफलम्

(17). Avocado — seedless

(18). Jamun (Berries) – Jambuphalam

(19). Blackberry — Jambuphalam

(20). अखरोट (Walnut)

(21). क्रभूजा (MuskMelon)

(22). Black Plum (जाम्बु)

(23). Blueberry — Neel-Badri

(24). कारौंडा (Gooseberry) — acidic

(25). कथा (Katha):

(26). लिची (Lychee)

(27). Coconut (coconut)

(28). Tamarind (Tamarind)

(29). Sycamore — Udumbaram

(30). पर्शपाति (Pear)

(31). अंजीर (Fig)

(32). खजूर (Dates)

(33). Chiku (Naseberry) — विकूतम्

(34). आदू (Peach) — moist

(35). Sugarcane — Ikshu

(36). सतलु (Peach) — moist

(37). खिरनी (Mimusops) — क्षीरिनी

(38). Chinar (Poplar) — Dadumbaram

(39). Kiwi – Kiwi fruit

(40). चकोत्रा ​​(Grapefruit)

(41). Bel (WoodApple) — कपिट्थम्

(42). चेरी (चेरी)

(43). कैथा (WoodApple)—कपिट्थम्

(44). Singhada (Water Chestnut) — Shringataka

(45). कमरख (Carambola) — कमरक्षम्

(46). Seasonal — Matulungam

(47). महुआ (महुआ) — honey

(48). मकोय (मकोय)—the goldfish

(49). स्वर्णक्षीरी (Mulberry) — Typographer

(50). रतलु (Yam) — bloodsucker

(51). Bacula (Mimusops) — Kshirini

(52). बेर (Plum)

(53). कंदमूल (RootVegetable) — कंदमूल्म

(54). Pistachio — Akolam

(55). Sweet Potato — Mishtalukam

(56). Blackcurrant — Shyam: Raisin:

Learn Sanskrit name of fruits through video

fruits names in sanskrit pdf

Here the PDF file of the names of fruits in Sanskrit has also been shared, which you can download very easily. And with the help of that pdf file, you can read Sanskrit name of fruits anytime according to your time. names of falon in sanskrit pdf To download, click on the button given below, and download PDF easily.

FAQ:- Some questions related to the names of fruits in Sanskrit

Question — Names of five fruits in Sanskrit?

Answer — Following are the names of five fruits in Sanskrit-

(1). mango — mango

(2). केला — कदलिका

(3). orange — नारंगम्

(4). apple — fruits

(5). Pomegranate — ददिमः

Question — What is apple called in Sanskrit?

Answer — In Sanskrit, apple is called Sevam or Phalprabhedah.

Question — What is banana called in Sanskrit?

Answer — Banana is called Kadali or Kadalika in Sanskrit.

Question — What is watermelon called in Sanskrit?

Answer — Watermelon is called Kalingam in Sanskrit.

Question — What is papaya called in Sanskrit?

Answer — Papaya is called Madhukarkati in Sanskrit.

Question — What is guava called in Sanskrit?

Answer — There are many names of Guava in Sanskrit like- Beejapuram, Amritphalam Agralam,

Question — What is Jamun called in Sanskrit?

Answer — In Sanskrit, Jamun is called Jambuphalam.

Question — What is coconut called in Sanskrit?

Answer — Coconut is called Narikelah in Sanskrit.


Here in this article we have with you Fallon’s name in Sanskrit Shared in great detail. If you are interested in Sanskrit language, then you must have liked this article. shared in this article Fruit name in Sanskrit With the help of this app, you can learn many new Sanskrit words, and at the same time you can improve your Sanskrit vocabulary. Also if from your school 10 Fallon Names in Sanskrit You have got the homework to bring it in writing, so you can complete your homework with the help of this article.

shared here Fruit name in Sanskrit and Hindi How did you like it, you must share your opinion with us through the comment. We hope that you have liked this article and we hope that with the help of this article how to write names of fruits in sanskrit, You must have understood very well. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, then you can comment below. And also you must share this article with all your friends.

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