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Names of vegetables in sanskrit We will see the list in detail in this article. Almost everyone knows the names of vegetables in Hindi and English. But if the name of any vegetable is asked in Sanskrit, hardly anyone will be able to tell. Because we have always been told and taught the names of vegetables in schools in Hindi and English only and this is the reason that in today’s time, if anyone is asked the name of a single vegetable in Sanskrit, he will not be able to tell.

But if you read this article till the end, you will come across more than 70 names of vegetables in sanskrit Will know Because in this article 75 The names of vegetables in Sanskrit have been shared. If you are among those people who are interested in Sanskrit language or who enjoy learning new Sanskrit words, then you will definitely like this article. Because given in this article Vegetables Name In Sanskrit With the help of this app, you can learn new Sanskrit words and at the same time improve your Sanskrit vocabulary.

Let me tell you that shared here names of vegetables in sanskrit Can prove to be very useful for all those students who are studying in small classes and in whose schools Sanskrit is taught. This is because to improve the Sanskrit vocabulary of the students of small classes, they are given as homework. 10 vegetable names in sanskrit Or 20 vegetables name in sanskrit You are told to come after writing and remembering. In such a situation, if you are also among those students, who have got this type of homework, then you can follow the instructions given in this article. Vegetables name in Sanskrit and Hindi With the help of you can complete your homework very easily. come on everyone sanskrit names of vegetables Let us see the list in detail.

(1). Tomato

(2). Potato

(3). Onion — Palandu:

(4). Karela (Bitter Gourd) — Karbellam

(5). Brinjal — Vrintakam

(6). Pea — Wrist:

(7). मिर्च (चिल्ली):

(8). Cabbage — Kembukam

(9). Cauliflower

(10). Kale — कंदशाकम्

(11). शताव्री (Asparagus) — Micro leaves

(12). बधुवा (Slave) — वास्तुकम्

(13). Garlic (Garlic)

(14). Broccoli — Kapishakam

(15). Chickpea

(16). Jackfruit — Panasam

(17). टिंदा (Tinda) — Tindish:

(18). Big Pepper — Katuvira

(19). मूली (raddish) — मूलकम्

(20). धनिया (Coriander)

(21). सोआ (dill) — Vajrapushpa

(22). Green Onion — Harit-Palanduः

(23). Spinach

(24). Pumpkin (Pumpkin) — Alabu

(25). Ridge gourd — Koshatki

(26). Bhindi (Lady finger) — Ramkoshatki

(27). Parwal (Pointed gourd) — Patol:

(28). Mushroom — Chhatra, Palghna

(29). खीरा (Cucumber):

(30). भिंडी (Ladyfinger) — Okra:

(31). Ginger (Ginger)

(32). Pudina (Peppermint) — Caraway:

(33). Cinnamon (Cinnamon)

(34). Paper Lemon

(35). Capsicum (Capsicum)

(36). कुंड्रु—कुंड्रु:

(37). Nenua (Sweet Gourd) — Jalini

(38). केसर (सफ्रोन)

(39). Lauki (Bottle Gourd) — Kushmand:

(40). पोई (पोई) — boat

(41). कुकुरमुट्टा (Mushroom)

(42). Carrot

(43). Cucumber

(44). Fenugreek — Fenugreek:

(45). चुकण्डर (Beet):

(46). शलगम (Tumip) — Shikhamoolam

(47). सहजन (Seepage):

(48). Legumes — Shimbika:

(49). ओला (Hailstone) — सूरणः

(50). Beans — Shimbi

(51). Turmeric — Haridra

(52). Singhada (Water Chestnut)

(53). सोआ (Dill) — thunderbolt

(54). Shaljam (Turnip)

(55). चुंडर (Beetroot)

(56). कारौंडा (Karounda) — Amalaki

(57). साग (Greens)

(58). Mustard

(59). Bakla (Bakla)

(60). Lentil — Lentils:

(61). चंद्रासूर (Chandrasoor) — Ashalika

(62). Maize — स्टम्बकरिः

(63). Jimikand (Jimi Potato) — Shuran:

(64). आजमोदा (Aajmoda)

(65). कांदु (कांदु) — Kachu

(66). महुआ (महुआ) — honey

(67). Guar Pods — Bakuchi

(68). कचरी (Garbage)

(69). Semal — Shalmali

(70). पेथा (petha) — large fruit

(71). Curry leaf — Kalshak:

(72). Raw banana

(73). Raw Papaya

(74). Red Cabbage — blood herb

(75). Black Carrots — Krishna Grinjanam

names of vegetables in sanskrit pdf

Here we have also shared the PDF file of Sanskrit name of all vegetables, which you can download very easily. And with the help of this PDF file you can read Vegetables Name in Sanskrit anytime. names of vegetables in sanskrit pdf To download, you click on the button given below, and download pdf easily.

Learn Sanskrit names of vegetables through video

FAQ:- Some questions related to the name of vegetables in Sanskrit

Question — 10 vegetable names in Sanskrit?

Answer — Following are the names of 10 vegetables in Sanskrit-

1). Potato — आलुकम

2). मटर—कलय:

3). Onion — Palandu:

4). करेला—करबेल्लम्

5). Brinjal — Vrintakam

6). मिर्च—मरिचिका:

7). Cabbage — Kembukam

8). Cauliflower — Pushpashakam

9). Garlic — लशुनम्

10). Jackfruit — Panasam

Question — What is the name of the vegetable in Sanskrit?

Answer — The Sanskrit name of vegetable is Tarkari.

Question — What is the Sanskrit name of lady finger?

Answer — Bhindi is called Ramkoshataki in Sanskrit.

Question — What is carrot called in Sanskrit?

Answer — Carrot is called Grinjanakam in Sanskrit.

Question — What is tomato called in Sanskrit?

Answer — Tomato is called Raktaphalam in Sanskrit.

Question — What is gourd called in Sanskrit?

Answer — Bottle gourd is called Kushmanda in Sanskrit.


Here in this article we have with you names of vegetables in sanskrit Shared the list in detail. Students interested in Sanskrit language must have liked this article. With the help of Sanskrit name of all the vegetables shared in this article, you can improve your Sanskrit vocabulary. given here sanskrit names of vegetables How did you like it, you must share your opinion with us through the comment. We hope that you must have liked this article and we hope that with the help of this article how to write names f vegetables in sanskrit, You must have understood very well. If you have any question regarding this article, then you can ask by commenting below. And also you must share this article with your dear friends.

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