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When any student completes his studies till 12th, the first question that comes in his mind is that which course should he pursue next, which can help him in making a good career. By the way, there are many such courses available in India, which you can do after 12th. But which course you have to do out of all those courses, it depends on what subject you have chosen in class 12th, you can do any course after 12th according to your subject.

The name of the course we are going to talk about in this article (B.Com), if you have completed 12th class with commerce stream then this course can be the best course for you. So if you are one of those students who have passed 12th from commerce subject, and now they want to do B.Com course, then this article can prove to be very useful for you, because in this article Complete information about B.Com course has been shared.

Here you will get answers to all those questions related to B.Com course, which you should know before doing this course. for example- What is B.com course, what is done by doing B.com, how many years is B.com, how many subjects are there in B.com, how much is the fee of B.com, benefits of doing B.com, what to do after doing B.com, government job after B.com And how much is the salary of B.Com Etcetera. You will get answers to all such questions in detail in this article. so if you Bcom Course Details In Hindi If you want to know in detail, then definitely read this article till the end.

Full name of B.Com is Bachelor of Commerce (Bachelor’s Of Commerce), it is a undergraduate degree which you can do after 12th class from any college or university. It takes you 3 years to complete this course, in this course you get to see a total of 6 semesters.

For the students who have completed or doing their class 11th and 12th with commerce stream, B.Com course is the first and best option. In this course, you are taught in detail about accounting and banks. If you have interest in Accounting, Banking, Business Finance, then you can do this undergraduate course and make a career in this field

Eligibility for doing B.Com (B.Com Course Eligibility In Hindi)

If we talk about the eligibility of B.Com course, then you can do it after passing class 12th, but you must have commerce subject in class 12th, only then you can take admission in B.Com. Also, if you have completed 12th science i.e. PCM subject, then also you can do this course easily.

To do this course, you must have at least 45 to 50% marks in class 12th. And with this, if you have only passed 10th and after passing 10th you have done 2 or 3 years diploma course, you can also do this course.

You can also do this course from Distance Mode, but if you have time to go to college everyday, then you can do it from Regular mode only. But if you do not have time to go to college everyday, then you can do this course through distance mode.

How is admission in B.Com (B.Com Me Admission Kaise Le)

If we talk about the admission process of B.Com course, then you can take admission in this course in two ways. Firstly you can take admission in this course on the basis of merit and secondly on the basis of entrance test. In most of the colleges, you get admission on the basis of merit only, that is, on the basis of your 12th class marks, you will get admission. But there are some high standard colleges where you have to give an entrance exam to get admission. So if you want to get admission in good colleges, then you have to give entrance exam. You can apply for the entrance test by visiting the official website of the college or university you want to take admission in, or you can apply offline by visiting the admission office of that university.

How much is the fees of B.Com (B.Com Ki Fees Kitni Hai)

Before talking about the fees of this course, know that in this you get two types of colleges, one private and one government. If you do B.Com from a private college, then you will get around Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh per course. Annual fees may have to be paid. And on the other hand, if you do B.Com from a government university, then your fees can be around 5 thousand to 15 thousand annually. The fees for B.Com depends on the college you choose, but keep in mind that the fees in government colleges are less than the fees in private colleges.

How many subjects are there in B.Com (B.Com Me Kitne Subject Hote Hai)

As I already told that B.Com is a 3 years course, which consists of 6 semesters and their courses are divided according to these 6 semesters. In B.Com course, you are taught only that which is related to commerce. And remember that you should read this course carefully and deeply so that you can get good marks in the exam. So let us now know what are the subjects in B.Com.

▪︎ Banking

▪︎ Accounting

▪︎ Economics

▪︎ Business Law

▪︎ Statistics

▪︎ Communication

▪︎ Business System Analysis (Business System Analysis)

▪︎ Transport Economics

▪︎ Marketing

▪︎ Entrepreneurship

▪︎ Information Management

▪︎ Insurance

▪︎ Finance & Financial Markets

▪︎ Computers

▪︎ Management Science

▪︎ Mathematics

▪︎ Strategic Management

▪︎ Management of Information Systems (Management of Information System)

▪︎ Logistics Management

▪︎ Operations Management

So these were some topics of B.Com course which you get to see in this course. You are taught similar subjects in B.Com, in this course you are taught about 5 to 7 subjects and all these subjects depend on your college, which subjects are available in your college, especially in this course Math, Account And more emphasis is given on the economics subject.

Benefits of doing B.Com (B.Com Karne Ke Fayde)

Now let’s talk about the advantages of doing B.Com course, students who do not want to study further science side, they can do this course if they want and after doing this course you get job opportunities in many fields. As you all know, that B.Com is a (UG) ie undergraduate course, so when you complete this course, after that many competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, UPP can also be given, in which You are asked to have a graduation degree.

You can also get a government job by clearing this competitive exam. Along with this, there are other advantages of B.Com course, like after completing it, you can do private job or do further studies like M.Com, MBA, MCA. You must know that after doing B.Com, you are called a graduate, as well as if you have done B.Com from a good college or university, then you can get a job on a good post in any company.

Where do you get a job after doing B.Com?

Now let’s talk about in which companies you can get a job or placement when you complete B.Com. There are many companies where you can get job after B.Com like –

▪︎ HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd

▪︎ Merchant Banking Center

▪︎ HSBC Are The Top Recruiters

▪︎ Tata Consultancy Services Limited

▪︎ Investment Banking Sectors

▪︎ Ernst & Young

▪︎ Foreign Trade Center

▪︎ Telecommunication Marketing Company

So these are some of the companies where you can get job after doing B.Com, apart from this there are many companies where you can get job after doing B.Com.

Jobs after B.Com (B.Com Ke Baad Job)

You have already known that, in which companies you can get a job after doing B.Com, now let’s talk about which position you can get a job in those companies or you can say that what do you become after B.Com?

▪︎ Accountant

▪︎ Operations Manager

▪︎ Financial Analyst

▪︎ Finance Manager

▪︎ Account Executive

▪︎ Executive Assistant

▪︎ Chartered Accountant etc.

So after doing B.Com, you can become one of these things, and make a good career by working in a good company.

How much is the salary of B.Com (B.Com Ki Salary Kitni Hoti Hai)

Talking about salary, after doing this course, you can get around 3 to 5 lakh rupees annually, it can be more or less. It depends on your job position and job location, also as your experience increases, so will your salary.

Colleges to do B.Com (B.Com Ke Liye Best College)

To do B.Com, you will find many top level colleges or universities in India from where you can do B.Com and get a job in a good company. Below are the names of some of the best colleges in India.

▪︎ Shri Ram College of Commerce (New Delhi,

▪︎ Lady Shri Ram College For Women (New Delhi,

▪︎St. Xavier’s College (Kolkata)

▪︎ Madras Christian College (Chennai)

▪︎ Christ University (Bangalore)

▪︎ Hans Raj College (Delhi)

▪︎ Ethiraj College for women (Chennai,

▪︎ Management Development Institute (Gurgaon,

These are some of the best colleges from where you can pursue B.Com course, apart from this there are many more colleges available in India from where you can pursue B.Com.

How to do B.Com course (B.Com Kaise Kare)

now you talk how to do b.com What you have to do step by step to do B.Com.

pass class 10+2

To do B.Com course, you must first pass 10+2, in which your commerce subject is necessary. If you have passed 12th from science, then only you can do this course, first you pass 12th class with 45 to 50%.

apply for entrance exam

As soon as you pass class 12th, then you have to apply for the entrance exam of B.Com. For this, you can go to the official website of the college in which you want to take admission or you can also apply for B.Com entrance exam by going to any cyber cafe.

clear the entrance exam

When you apply for the entrance exam of B.Com, then on the day when this entrance exam will be held, you will have to go and give the exam. And remember, before that you have to prepare well for this entrance exam, so that you can clear this exam and get admission in a good college.

choose college

When you clear the entrance exam of B.Com, you get a college according to your merit and then you have to go to that college and take admission in B.Com by depositing the fees along with important documents.

take admission in b com

And as soon as you take admission in B.Com, you have to complete this course in 3 years, in which you are taught subjects related to commerce.

So in this way you can take admission in B.Com. If you want to take admission in B.Com without entrance exam, then for this you will find many colleges where admission is available without entrance exam. To take admission in such a college, you can easily take admission by going to that college with your important documents and depositing the fees.

Understand through video what is B.Com course

FAQ:- Some questions related to B.Com course

Question — What is the full name of B.Com?

Answer — The full name of B.Com is Bachelor of Commerce.

Question — Which degree is B.Com?

Answer — B.Com graduate has degree.

Question — How old is B.Com?

Answer — B.Com is a 3 year course.

Question — Who can do B.Com course?

Answer — Students who have passed class 12th can do B.Com.

Question — How is admission done in B.Com?

Answer — Admission in B.Com is done in two ways, first on merit basis and second by passing the entrance test.

Question — What to do after doing B.Com?

Answer — If you want, you can do post graduate courses like M.Com, MBA after B.Com, or you can also apply for a job.

Question — What should be the age to do B.Com?

Answer — There is no age limit for doing B.Com course.


In today’s article we What is B.Com And How to do B.Com Go through it in detail. If you have passed class 12th from commerce subject, and are thinking further that which course to do so that you can make a good career, then for that you can do B.Com course.

shared here B.Com Course Details In Hindi How did you like it, you must share your opinion with us through the comment. We hope that you must have liked this article and we hope that with the help of this article what is b.com You must have understood very well. If you have any question regarding this article, then you can comment below. And also you must share this article with all your friends who want to do B.Com course.

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