When and why is World Earth Day celebrated?

world earth day 2023 subject and Importance (World Earth Day facts, History , earth day Importance, themes 2012 to 2023 Essay )

World Earth Day 2023 Earth Day is celebrated with the aim of providing protection to the life-giving priceless wealth of the earth and spreading awareness about it. For decades, we humans have been using the precious resources of the earth at a very fast rate. Global warming has become a serious problem for the entire earthlings.

Now it should be our first duty to save the earth’s atmosphere and vegetation, if we still do not manage then the future consequences of global warming will be very dangerous.

For this, Earth Day was also established in the year 1970. This global warming For example, it spreads awareness among people to avoid dangers.

Through this day, people are more and more aware of problems like Global Warming and do environmental protection to avoid it. This is a very good way to warn people about the dangers of Global Warming through Earth Day, that is why in today’s article we will know what is World Earth Day, why it is celebrated, when it started, what is its importance. is, and what is its history. So let’s start and know what is Earth Day?

What is the importance of Earth Day? (World Earth Day facts, significance, history in Hindi)

Earth Day was originally declared to keep people alert to save the earth from internal natural hazards, it is the day on which people do every work of environmental protection. It is celebrated every year on 22 April or 21 March, and it was established in the year US Senator Gerald Nelson in 1970 was done by

This day is also very important, because every year on April 22, half of the earth has spring season and the other half has winter season. This is a very important day.

Why is Earth Day celebrated?

Today, many problems like global warming and environmental pollution are increasing all over the world, to eliminate which people’s support is very important. When people unitedly fight against environmental pollution, and fight against global warming international problems, then only the earth can be saved from global warming.

Due to Global Warming, the Earth’s rotation is decreasing, day and night are increasing in themselves, due to which the heat is becoming more intense, and due to many other factories or due to other reasons, the temperature of the Earth is increasing. It is increasing continuously, due to which large glaciers are melting, crops are getting damaged, soil is losing its fertility, and there are many other problems that we are facing due to Global Warming.

Our future generations will have to see more terrible consequences than this. Due to this Earth Day was first celebrated by Gerald Nelson in 1970. And because of this, the United Nations decided to make it as International Earth Day, which we know today as Earth Day.

What is the history of Earth Day?

Earth Day was started to be celebrated in the year 1970, but in 1969, at a conference in Seattle Washington, the atmosphere for celebrating Earth Day started heating up. And later, American Senator Gerald Nelson had organized a nationwide public demonstration for the protection of the environment and for international threats like Global Warming. Due to this, it was later accepted by the United Nations to celebrate April 22 as Earth Day.

Some sources also say that the birthday of American TV actor Aldi Albert falls on this day. Although this information may be incorrect, it was said that Aldi Albert was a favorite of Gerald Nelson, leading to his birthday being used as the date for this Earth Day

How is Earth Day celebrated?

Earth Day is a very important day, on this day a worldwide awareness campaign is conducted for the protection of the environment. On this day, the factors of ill effects of global warming are explained. Remedies are suggested for this.

It was decided to celebrate Earth Day on 22 April 1970 as the modern environmental movement. For this, millions of Americans participated enthusiastically to achieve the protection of a healthy environment. Earth Day is celebrated by billions of people in 192 countries.

Generally Earth Day is celebrated on 21st March and 22nd April. World Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April, and International Earth Day is celebrated on 21 March.

Apart from this, there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day in the right way, some of which are as follows-

  • You can celebrate Earth Day on this day by not using car/bike or any such vehicle with the help of which you can save petrol or save the environment from being polluted.
  • On this day you should feed the birds and arrange water for them.
  • Many people use various types of recycled things (Ecofriendly) on this day and people are encouraged to make and use them.
  • On this day you should do positive work to save the earth from pollution.
  • You should plant trees and if you do not have space to plant trees, then you should plant small plants.
  • Apart from this, by spreading consciousness among people and telling about Earth Day, you can make International Earth Day.

World Earth Day Themes 2012-2022

Every year on the occasion of Earth Day, a new theme is kept, the main objective of which is climate change, global warming among the people, different slogans to protect, preserve and restore the Earth’s climate, various efforts by running awareness campaigns around the world through slogans. are done. Every year a different theme is decided in advance.

The theme of Earth Day 2023 has been released this time, and this time the name of the theme is ‘Invest in our planet’. invest in our earth, The theme of the past few years for Earth Day is given below.

2021 Restore Our Earth Restore Our Earth
2020 climate action’ Climate action
2019 Protect your speciesProtect Our Species
2018 End of plastic pollutionEnd Plastic Pollution
2017 Environmental and Climate Literacy –Environmental & Climate Literacy
2016 trees for earth Trees for the Earth
2015 Now it’s our turn to lead It’s Our Turn to Lead
2014 green city Green Cities
2013 The face of climate changeThe Face of Climate Change
2012 Organizing the Earth Mobilize the Earth


So in today’s article we have come to know what is International Earth Day, what is the history of Earth Day, what is Earth Day, what is the importance of Earth Day, why it is celebrated, how it is celebrated, what is the theme of Earth Day. Yes, we have given you information about all these in today’s article. We hope you have understood what Earth Day is.


Q. When is Earth Day celebrated?

Ans. Earth Day is mainly celebrated on 2 dates, first on 21st March and second on 22nd April.

Q. What is the theme of Earth Day 2021?

Ans. The name of the theme of Earth Day 2021 is Restore our Earth which means to correct our earth back.

Q. When was Earth Day celebrated for the first time?

Ans. International Earth Day was celebrated for the first time on 22 April 1970.

Q. What is the theme of World Earth Day 2023 this time?

Ans. The theme of Earth Day 2023 is ‘Invest in our planet’.

Q. What is the significance of Earth Day?

Ans. Due to Earth Day, people are curious that what can we do to protect the earth, because humans live on the earth. That is why it is necessary that we share this information among the people that how the earth can be saved, preserved, for this Earth Day itself has a great importance, because of this, crores of people will be able to preserve the earth. Knows about doing.


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